Fairmount Country Club Logo Rework

The options below are a thoughtful "rework" of the original Fairmount logo (#1). Any of these logos could be used moving forward with no need to change any already printed installments, merchandise or collateral. The new fonts are clean and modern and all of the green color options are vibrant and intentional. Options 5 and 6 simplify the icon, which appears very clean and will benefit the embroidery process. Options 1 and 3 use the original circle badge while all other options open the circles up a bit to create some breathing room and make it easier to digest. For the options with crowns, we changed the five point crown to a seven point crown to represent the seven FCC founders since a five point crown, as previously instituted, had no significance. Option 4 shows a more simplified seven-point crown that may be more easily embroidered too.

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