Reinvent the way you engage with your audience.

Online Publications reach users with visually-appealing content that's interactive, responsive, and measurable.

Key benefits of digital pubs

  • Responsive format that readers can interact with in any browser on mobile, desktop, or tablet devices
  • Take advantage of web features like buttons, animations and videos
  • No production or postage costs
  • Sustainability – no costly reources like paper and ink
  • Avoid preprint costs – revise content even after you've published it without having to redistribute it
  • Measure user engagement with built-in analytics
  • Disseminate and share through email, include in your email signature, on social media, or at meeting sites

Beyond static PDFs

Online publications can replace anything you currently have in a PDF format and transform it into visual, interactive, measurable and easily digestible content. Use them for:

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Event Invites
  • Meeting Follow Ups
  • Sales Rewards Programs
  • Product Catalogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Infographics/Presentations

Interactive and consumable

Imagine your sales and marketing collateral in an interactive, live format, that users can interact with and easily digest.

  • Smaller "bytes" of information presented in a more visual format
  • Perfect for content that deserves its own dedicated space
  • Enhance with video and sound, integrate social media posts, or create direct links to registration portals/order forms
  • Add elements like buttons and background videos
  • Retain your audience thoughout the reader journey without burning them out with text-heavy content

"With everything turning to digital, it means companies are also jumping online to market their businesses. And to survive the challenges of digital marketing, brands need to keep up with the latest trends."

Next level: content designed for today's modern consumer

Online publications are media-rich, interactive, online sales and marketing collateral that readers can connect and engage with on any device. Think newsletters, brochures, invites, presentations, etc.. They are hosted on a dedicated URL (unique or linked to your website) which makes sharing them simple and quick while streamlining the content into its own space. They can replace or complement your static, fixed-layout PDFs with visually-compelling, multi-media publications. Drive user engagement, boost sales, and generate leads with content that catches attention.

Scroll through and interact with this brochure to explore the possibilities!

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