Web Publications are media-rich, interactive, online sales and marketing collateral that readers can connect and engage with on any device.

Drive user engagement, boost sales, and generate leads with content that catches attention!

  • Enhance your Web Publication with buttons, video and sound, integrate social media posts, or create direct links to registration portals or order forms

Prospects may download a PDF, but often that’s where the conversation ends because it falls flat and loses their attention.

That's where a Web Publication can help!

Let's compare the engagement experience between a PDF and a Web Publication:

Traditional PDFs

  • Fixed layout
  • Static
  • Unmeasurable
  • Challenges with forms
  • Flat
  • Quickly outdated

Web Publications

  • Responsive to all device sizes
  • Interactive
  • Provides insights
  • Live form submissions
  • Media-rich
  • Quick and easy to keep current

Readers download your content because they’re interested..

They exit this journey when they lose interest.

Web Publications help you keep them interested.

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